Professional 2D/3D AutoCAD Drafting

Building and Mechanical 2D/3D drawings are initially trained in the course by using AutoCAD software.Additionally the Civil Engineering Basics are also provided in the Project Drawings. As well as Students will gain the knowledge of converting the 2D sketch in to 3D model in the course.

Course Details

Course Duration 3 Months (12 Days)
Total Theory Hours 36
Total Practical Hours Unlimited
Registration Fee LKR 1,000/=
Total Course Fee LKR 24,000/= Discounted Fee= LKR 12,000/= ( 50% Discount Available in the Promotional Period.)
Monthly Payment Scheme LKR 4,000/= Per Month
Certificate Fee LKR 1,500/=
Availability Week Days / Week Ends

Course Content

  • Drawing Intelligence
  • Introduction to Project Drawings
  • Specifying 2D/3D coordinates
  • Creating 2D/3D Surfaces
  • Viewing and Printing 2D/3D Drawing


Target Audience

  • Civil, QS and Architecture students
  • After OL and AL students
  • University Students
  • Job seekers and employees