Java Application Development

The Java basics program is designed for actual beginners in Java Programming Language. Students are given a basic to intermediate level knowledge in theory and practical for the developing Java Applications. So they can get the right start which gives them the confidence to advance further in Java Technologies. They also capable to some extend to face the OCJP International Exam.

Course Details

Course Duration 5 Months (24 Days)
Total Theory Hours 60
Total Practical Hours Unlimited
Registration Fee LKR 1,000/=
Total Course Fee LKR 32,000/= Discounted Fee= LKR 16,000/= ( 50% Discount Available in the Promotional Period.)
Monthly Payment Scheme LKR 3,200/= Per Month
Certificate Fee LKR 1,500/=
Availability Week Ends

Course Content

  • Introduction to Java
  • Getting Start Java Programming Language
  • Java Variables, Java Objects and Java Methods
  • Operators
  • Flow Control
  • Access Modifiers and None Access Modifiers/li>
  • Interfaces
  • Object Orientation
  • String, String Buffer and String Builder Classes
  • Wrapper Classes
  • Basic Collection Framework
  • Java Exception Handling


Target Audience

  • After OL and AL students
  • University Students
  • Job seekers and employees
  • Any individual over 14 years