General Spoken English for Kids

English speaking is a must in the current society today, as well as it has become a JEWELRY among the people. This course is specially designed to improve the English knowledge and the fluent speaking ability for kids. By using interactive physiological techniques, the knowledge will be transmitted to even poor skilled students. International and Government school teachers are handled the entire program.

Course Details

Course Duration 4 Months (16 Days)
Total Theory Hours 32
Total Practical Hours Unlimited
Registration Fee LKR 500/=
Total Course Fee LKR 12,000/= Discounted Fee= LKR 6,000/= ( 50% Discount Available in the Promotional Period.)
Monthly Payment Scheme LKR 1,500/= Per Month
Certificate Fee LKR 1,000/=
Availability Week Days / Week Ends

Course Content

  • Reading Practice
  • Writing Practice
  • Listening Practice
  • Speech Practice
  • Speaking and Conversation Practice


Target Audience

  • Grade 3 – 11 students