Computer Hardware Technology

The program aims at providing hardware technicians with a versatile knowledge in the computer hardware field. For practical sessions, special workshops have been provided to enable students to get hands-on training on assembling and disassembling of different types of PCs, Troubleshooting, Formatting, Installing and Configuring the OS. Main Objective of this course is to establish Computer Hardware Technicians who are capable of configuring computer system for usage starting from identifying customer requirements through giving a lifelong service to a customer.

Course Details

Course Duration 5 Months (20 Days)
Total Theory Hours 60
Total Practical Hours Unlimited
Registration Fee LKR 1,000/=
Total Course Fee LKR 20,000/=
 Discounted Fee= LKR 10,000/= ( 50% Discount Available in the Promotional Period.)
Monthly Payment Scheme LKR 2,000/= Per Month
Certificate Fee LKR 1,500/=
Availability Week Days / Week Ends

Course Content

  • Introduction to PC Hardware
  • Identify Hardware Components
  • Motherboard Components & Bus Architecture
  • The CPU Evolution
  • Types of RAMs and their Evolution
  • Identifying different types of Expansion Cards
  • Assembling and De-assembling of Different Types of PCs
  • Hard Disk Architecture
  • Preparing the Hard Disk Drive to Install System Software
  • Installing and Configuring OS and other Application Software
  • Troubleshooting


Target Audience

  • After OL and AL students
  • University Students
  • Job seekers and employees
  • Any individual over 14 years